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Why can't I see the item description of the scanned product in the App?

After selecting an article in the app, additional information is displayed. Think of the more information about the article or a picture. Does something go wrong? Read why here.

Product: BarTrack App

Intended for: All orderers and wholesale employees

If the product description does not appear in the BarTrack App after scanning the barcode, there could be several reasons for this. It's important to understand that in most cases, the issue does not lie with the App itself but rather with the barcode or the information entered by the wholesale supplier.

  1. One possible reason for the product description not appearing in the BarTrack App after scanning the barcode is that the barcode has not been included in the BarTrack database. It is the responsibility of the wholesale supplier to ensure that all barcodes for their products are correctly registered. If the barcode is not in the database, the App will not be able to display the corresponding product description.
  2. Another possibility is that the barcode does not meet the guidelines set by BarTrack. BarTrack has specific guidelines for barcodes to ensure they can be scanned and identified correctly. If the code does not meet these guidelines, the App will not be able to recognize the barcode and therefore will not display the product description.
  3. Additionally, it is possible that the barcode may be damaged in some way. This can occur if certain parts of the code are missing or if the code is distorted. In these cases, the App will not be able to read the barcode correctly and the product description will not be displayed.
  4. Finally, it is also possible that the wholesale supplier simply forgot to enter the product description in BarTrack. It is important for the wholesale supplier to input all necessary information, including the product description, accurately and completely into the system. If this information is missing, the App will be unable to display the product description.

What should I do? Please reach out to the wholesale supplier or the BarTrack support team for assistance and support with this issue.