'Two factor Authentication' (2FA). What is that and how does it work?

An additional security measure on top of your username and password

Product: BarTrack HuB, Bartrack app, 

Intended for: Wholesale employee


The abbreviation 2FA stands for 'two-factor authentication'. This is a security system that not only asks the user for a username and password but also for an additional piece of information. With 2FA, an extra layer of security is added to verify the identity of the person trying to gain access.

Authentication can occur based on various factors. For example, this can be an additional password, a (pin) code, or other personal information. Additionally, a special Authentication App can also be used.

How to enable 2FA

As a wholesale employee, it is mandatory to use 2FA for enhanced security. After creating an account, you will receive an email from BarTrack with an overview of the next steps. In this email, you will be asked to choose how you want to receive the BarTrack code. You have the option to receive the code via SMS or through the authenticator app.

If you choose to receive the code via SMS, BarTrack will send it to your mobile number. Once you receive the code, simply enter it on the website or app to access your account. This is a convenient option if you always have your mobile phone with you and want quick access to your account.

Alternatively, if you prefer to use the authenticator app, you will need to download it on your smartphone. Then, you can link the app to your BarTrack account by scanning a QR code once. Afterward, the app will generate a unique code every 30 seconds, which you must enter to access your account. This option is useful if you always have your smartphone with you and want extra security through the authenticator app.

Using 2FA adds an additional layer of security and helps protect your account from unauthorized access. By choosing between receiving the code via SMS or the authenticator app, you can decide which method suits your preferences and needs best.