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As a wholesaler, can I print barcodes for my customers?

Yes indeed. As a wholesaler, you have the option of printing barcodes for your customers. This can easily be done in the BarTack HuB.

Product: BarTack HuB

Intended for: Wholesale Employee

As a wholesale company, you have the option to print barcodes for your customers. This can be easily done in the BarTack HuB. You can choose to print the barcodes directly or generate a print file (pdf) and share it with the customer via email. This allows you to meet your customers' needs efficiently and in an organized manner.

Step 1: Logging into BarTack HuB

To begin, log in to BarTack HuB using your username and password. Once logged in, navigate to the 'Inventory Manager' where you will have an overview of all inventory locations for customers. Select the specific location for which you want to print barcodes.

Step 2: Select location and items

Once you have chosen the location, click on the "print" button located on the right side of the screen. This will bring up a list of available items that can be printed. Simply check the desired items to select them for printing.

Step 3: Selecting the Size and Printer

After selecting the items, you will be prompted to choose a printer. You have three different printer options, each displaying various sizes. It is important to select the desired size instead of relying on the printer image.

Once you click on one of the printers, you will need to choose from different variations of sticker sizes. You can decide whether to print the stickers with or without an image, or with a barcode or QR code. This flexibility allows you to customize the barcodes to meet the specific needs of your customers.

Step 4: download PDF

After selecting the desired sticker type, click on "download pdf". This will download a PDF file containing all the stickers ready for printing. It is important to note that the BarTrack HuB generates a PDF that can be printed with any sticker printer.


Never change the aspect ratio of the PDF. While it is possible to use a slightly different sticker size, it is crucial to maintain the original aspect ratio of the QR or barcode. You can increase the length and width of the sticker, but the ratio must remain the same to ensure that the barcodes are scanned correctly.

Using the Inventory Manager in the BarTack HuB, you can efficiently and accurately print barcodes for your customers. By following the steps in the inventory manager and selecting the appropriate printer and sticker variation, you can meet your customers' specific needs and ensure a streamlined process within your wholesale company.