In what ways can I receive orders from BarTrack?

We have several ways to deliver orders. We can link to the wholesaler's web shop, deliver orders to an FTP server, send orders via e-mail or create an API link.

Product: BarTrack Hub

Intended for: Wholesale employee

Below is a list of the various methods supported by BarTrack for delivering orders to a wholesaler.

Webshop integration

After the integration, the items selected by the customer are automatically added to the wholesaler's shopping cart. Please contact us and we will gladly share a document with a technical description on how to establish the integration.

Via email

One of the methods supported by BarTrack for delivering orders to a wholesaler is through email. With this method, an email is sent with a PDF attachment that contains an overview of the ordered items, including the customer's name and, if applicable, a reference. The PDF file ensures that the order is organized and easy to read. This allows the wholesaler to process the orders and ensure that the customer receives what they have ordered.

FTP Connection

In addition to sending orders via email, we also offer the option to deliver orders to a wholesaler's FTPS server. This means that the entire process is automated, ensuring that the orders are delivered directly to the correct location. This efficient method allows us to process orders quickly and ensure that customers receive exactly what they have ordered. By using FTP connections, we provide a reliable and automated way to deliver orders.

API Integrations

In addition to sending orders via email and using FTP connections, we also frequently utilize API integrations. An API integration is an advanced method that allows different systems to communicate and exchange data. Through these integrations, we can directly and automatically integrate orders with our system.

Setting up an API integration may require a bit more time and effort, but it offers numerous benefits. It enables us to exchange real-time information, allowing us to work even faster and more efficiently.