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I'm missing an article in BarTrack. What next?

In BarTrack, you can search a database of articles from different suppliers as an orderer. Still missing an article? Read here what to do then.

Product: Bartrack App, BarTrack for desktop,

Intended for: Customers

Contact your wholesaler for information

If you notice that a product is missing from the wholesaler, it is important to contact the wholesaler directly. They are responsible for managing the product inventory, which is essential to ensure that all customers have access to the products they need. By informing and asking the wholesaler to expand the product inventory, you are not only helping yourself but also other customers. Thank you in advance!

Contact BarTrack support for assistance

You can also notify us through the support portal. We will relay this information to the wholesaler so that they are aware of the demand for missing items. We are here to support you, so please do not hesitate to keep us informed. Together, we ensure that the inventory is complete and that you can order all the products you need.