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How do I link my 2BA account?

It is possible to search through 28 million items via bartrack and then order them as well. Link your 2BA account for this. This article tells you how to do that.

Product: BarTrack.com, BarTrack App

For who: BarTrack Pro Order account

What is 2BA?

Since 2004, 2BA has managed a neutral data pool for the secure and digital exchange of product data between suppliers and buyers, based on the international ETIM standards. In this data pool, the product data of manufacturers, importers and/or agents are carefully checked and classified. If relevant, this data is linked to additional trade information, as provided by wholesalers. This includes price information, packaging units and logistical data such as packaging shape, weight and dimensions.

The 2BA data pool ensures that both product and related trade data are continuously kept complete and up-to-date and made available to the buyers of the data. It is therefore not surprising that today more than 2,300 installation and assembly companies gratefully use product and price information from the 2BA data pool.

Interface with BarTrack

With the link to BarTrack, you can easily search through an extensive database of 28 million articles. This database contains detailed product information such as specifications, features and technical data. In addition, this data can be added to your inventory locations. Below is an overview of the steps on how to link your BarTrack account to 2BA


Link your account

  1. Sign in to bartrack.com
  2. Navigate to the settings menu by clicking on the gear icon
  3. Select the 'Integrations' option
  4. Choose 2BA
  5. Enter your 2BA login details and click on 'Confirm'
  6. Your account is now linked




Manage your inventory

A useful feature of the link with BarTrack is the ability to generate barcodes for your inventory locations. This allows you to easily identify and track the products in your warehouse. By printing barcodes and attaching them to your stock locations, you can quickly and accurately book products in and out. This helps you keep track of inventory levels, process orders efficiently and minimize errors

So with the link between 2BA and BarTrack, you have access to a comprehensive product database and can easily integrate this information into your inventory management. This saves you time, improves the accuracy of your inventory management and ensures that you always have up-to-date and reliable product data.